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  • Marchs Astronomy Diary

    March 2015 brings a solar eclipse visible to the UK, this astronomical event happens towards the end of March on the...Read More

    2015-03-04 1531
  • Februarys Astronomy Diary

    Fantastic winter skies can often provide great views, check our February's Astronomy Diary from RentaScope for...Read More

    2015-02-04 1387
  • Januarys Astronomy Diary

    With some of the best starry skies of the year, a meteor shower, all of the planets and a surprising comet, January...Read More

    2015-01-03 0 1472
  • Comet Lovejoy

    You may have heard of a new visitor coming to our night skies, due just after Christmas Comet LoveJoy is about to...Read More

    2014-12-29 0 1269
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